The Crypto Asset Fund is offering a private, open-ended, cryptocurrency and blockchain investment vehicle. The Fund has a broad mandate to manage a variety of ‘crypto assets’ including currencies, tokens, tethers, and even mining opportunities.

Multiple classes of shares are offered including Class T (Trading), Class L (Lending) and Class I (Index). As described by the Fund:

“Class T makes all types of investments in the crypto space, Class L lends fiat and crypto currencies to other traders to allow them to leverage and short, and Class I mirrors the CAMCrypto30 index of the 30 largest crypto currencies by market cap.”

Class T shares may offer good upside, but due to its investment breadth, an evaluation of underlying strategy isn’t possible. L shares take a more conservative lending approach, limiting risk and upside. Finally, Class I shares mirror a rule-based index with good transparency and a seemingly healthy balance of risk and reward.

The Fund is managed by Timothy Enneking and accompanied by Chief Security Officer Todd Enneking and Chief Trader Clayton Ayers. The team has prior experience in finance, cryptocurrency, and technology.

CAMCrypto30 Index

Class I shares track the CAMCrypto30, a rule-based index of the top 30 cryptocurrencies measured by market capitalization. Index rules outlining construction and management are published and available for review. Generally, the index includes the largest 30 cryptocurrencies with monthly reconstitution, adjusting for changes in market capitalization and other events.

Crypto Asset Fund Investment Eligibility

The fund is open to both US and Non-US investors with a minimum contribution of $25,000 for the US fund and $100,000 for the Cayman fund (Non-US). Only accredited investors in the US, as defined by the SEC, can invest. To qualify an individual person must have an earned income of over $200,000 ($300,000 with a spouse), or a combined net worth of at least $1M, excluding ones’ primary residence.

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