Bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain recently added support for Ethereum allowing users to simultaneously store, exchange, and transfer both Etheruem and Bitcoin. This represents a big move by Blockchain as it’s the first new currency addition since founding in 2011.

“As popularity of Ethereum has grown, so has the desire from our customers to have the option to manage multiple digital assets within their Blockchain wallets,” explains Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain.

Users will retain the same familiar user interface and can toggle between currencies. Currently the new features are only support on the web version.

Blockchain User Interface
The Blockchain wallet allows users to store, exchange, and transfer Bitcoin and Ether.

Blockchain Wallet adds Shapeshift Support

Blockchain has also partnered with Shapeshift, giving users the ability to exchange Ether and Bitcoin without leaving the Blockchain wallet. This eliminates the need for a traditional exchange when exchanging between the two currencies. However, users should be conscious of fees/spreads that are associated with Shapeshift-like services.

As the Ethereum network and market capitalization grow, it is evident that multiple technologies and cryptocurrenies will work in tandem. The addition of Ethereum to the Blockchain wallet is viewed as bullish for Ethereum.

About Blockchain

Blockchain is the #1 digital wallet and boasts more than 15 million wallets created and is used in over 140 countries. Its security and ability for users to control their own private keys have driven its popularity.